Drinkers For Ukraine

Drinkers for Ukraine

In solidarity with friends and colleagues in Ukraine, we’re coming together to raise funds for the Red Cross humanitarian relief effort in Ukraine following the Russian invasion in February 2022.

We believe it is imperative to support in whatever way we can – with an online auction, a solidarity brew, and a livestreamed fundraiser.

How we’re raising money

The humanitarian situation in Ukraine is increasingly grave, and a lot of people are looking around to see how they can help – us too. That’s why we put together this initiative, working with friends and colleagues across the drinks industry to use what we have to raise as much as we can, as soon as we can. The #DrinkersForUkraine fundraising effort is centred around three linked activities launching right now. Participants can join one or more – or all – of them. The point is to get involved – every single Dollar, Pound, Euro, and Peso counts.

Solidarity Brew

A beer with a Ukrainian twist, thought up by brewers working in Ukraine, in solidarity with brewers living in Ukraine.

Brew With Us

Online Auction

An online auction of beers, merchandise, services, and experiences – whatever people think will help raise money.

Join In


A livestreamed fundraising show, profiling the stories of breweries in Ukraine, and raising funds for the relief effort.

Watch Live

Solidarity Brew

Brewers in Ukraine have seen their livelihoods wiped out and, in some instances, their businesses destroyed by Russian attacks.

To show solidarity with them, we are inviting breweries around the world to brew the Ukrainian Anti-Imperial Stout RESIST, developed by displaced Ukrainian brewers. Once brewed, we’re asking brewers to donate the sales proceeds of RESIST to the Red Cross humanitarian relief effort – as much (or as little) as you can afford.

For breweries (and homebrewers) who want to join in, it’s simple:

We’re not being prescriptive when it comes to the beer’s packaging and label design, all we’re asking is that brewers use the name, and Ukraine’s national colours. For the rest, use your creativity.

Participating Breweries

  • 420 Brew Company (USA)
  • Bainbridge Brewing (USA)
  • Ballykilcavan (Ireland)
  • Benelux Brasserie Artisanale (Canada)
  • Brasserie Saint Nabor (France)
  • Brauerei Kundmüller (Germany)
  • Brewis Beer Co. (UK)
  • Brouwerij de Coureur (Belgium)
  • Brussels Beer Project (Belgium)
  • Bush Shack Brewery (Australia)
  • Canvas (Ireland)
  • COEDO (Japan)
  • Community. Brewing Ventures (USA)
  • CrossRoads Brewing and Distillery (Canada)
  • Daoravida (Brazil)
  • Deep Creek (New Zealand)
  • Democracy Brewing (USA)
  • DOK (Belgium)
  • DTSJ Brewing (USA)
  • Eastern Market Brewing Co (USA)
  • Elbow Lane (Ireland)
  • Eppelein & Friends Craft Bier-Manufaktur (Germany)
  • Fallen Acorn (UK)
  • Farr Brew (UK)
  • Final Gravity Brewing Company (USA)
  • Granizo (Chile)
  • Green Earth Brewing Company (USA)
  • Gyle Fifty-Nine (UK)
  • Heroes and Villains (Australia)
  • Hook Norton Brewery (UK)
  • Horny Toad Brewery (USA)
  • Insurrection AleWorks (USA)
  • Iron Hill Brewery & Restaurant (USA)
  • iso_panimo (Finland)
  • Jackknife Brewing (USA)
  • Jump Ship Brewing (UK)
  • Keswick Brewing Co (UK)
  • Kings & Daughters (USA)
  • L’Opercule (France)
  • Lost Evenings Brewing Company (USA)
  • MAREK Cervejaria Artesanal. (Brazil)
  • Menze Brewing Co. (Brazil)
  • Neon Raptor (UK)
  • Niagara College Teaching Brewery (Canada)
  • Old Planters Brewing (USA)
  • Postdoc Brewing (USA)
  • Otterbank (Ireland)
  • Pretty Decent Beer Co (UK)
  • Ravinia Brewing Company (USA)
  • Rivington Brewing Co (UK)
  • Rockwell Brewery (USA)
  • Sambrooks/Ram Brewery (UK)
  • Schnitt Brewing Company (Israel)
  • Signature Brew (UK)
  • Siren (UK)
  • Spitting Feathers brewery (UK)
  • Spy Brew (Denmark)
  • Stewart Brewing (UK)
  • Stripe Nine Brewing Co. (USA)
  • TennFold Brewing (USA)
  • The Experimental Brewhouse (UK)
  • The First & Last Brewery (UK)
  • The Five Points Brewing Company (UK)
  • The Four Candles (UK)
  • The Ilkley Brewery (UK)
  • The Totnes Brewing Company (UK)
  • Tornio Brewery and Distillery (Finland)
  • Two Thumb Brewery & Beerhouse (Australia)
  • Unicorn Brewing (USA)
  • Vector Brewing (USA)
  • Verzet (Belgium)
  • Westerham (Belgium)
  • Western Ridge Brewing Collective (Australia)
  • Zebonkey (South Africa)

Fundraising Livestream – and raffle

On March 26, the #DrinkersForUkraine campaign culminates in a livestreamed fundraising event featuring Ukrainian brewers, Ukrainians talking about their experience of the war, and – including a prize draw where donors can win a range of fantastic prizes.

Watch live from 7pm GMT on Saturday!


Donations get you tickets, and tickets win you prizes. Rare beers, unique experiences, and excellent merchanside – take a look at what you can win here*.

Here’s how to participate in the raffle:

  • WHAT – A minimum €5 donation gets you 1 ticket, €10 gets you 2, €15 3, and so on. You can buy as many tickets as you want – in fact, we encourage it!
  • HOW – Donate to the Red Cross effort at our JustGiving page here OR donate to your preferred cause and send us the proof here. Whatever works for you.
  • WHEN – Right now! Tickets are on sale now, and will be on sale until 30 minutes before the end of the livestream on March 26.

*IMPORTANT: Some prizes are limited in where they can be shipped (see the overview) – we’re asking you to be understanding if you win a prize that cannot be shipped direct to your location. This is for charity, and perhaps you could gift it to a friend in the same country, or use it as a reason to visit the producer.

Online Auction

So you want to run an online auction – or, even better, auctions – great! We’ve come up with a format that can maximise the amount raised without burdening you with too much work. You can be a brewer, a bar owner, run a bottleshop, organise a festival, do workshops or tours, or are just a simple drinker – everyone is welcome to participate!

Auction format

Participants auction off something of value to their followers, and they pay for the shipping to the winner (to keep costs low, we suggest local shipping only). The “auction” takes place on a relevant platform, for a limited period of time (24-48 hours). 

Bidders place their bids in the comments/replies to the post, on the understanding that the winning bid is binding. The winner of the auction pays the winning price to the designated charity (Red Cross). They send proof to the “auctioneer”, after which it gets sent and the transaction is completed. The auctioneers alert us to the amount raised, which we can add to the overall total.

Follow the steps below and read the brief how-to guide here, to get started!


Find something to auction. A rare beer from your cellar, a limited edition beer from your stockroom, signed merch, books, prints, workshops, special experiences, tours, gift vouchers – whatever you think will raise the most amount of money, that’s what we’re looking for!


Decide on a minimum price for your auction item, how long the auction will run for (24/48/72/longer hours), and where you’re willing to ship it (local/regional/national/international). For this initiative, we’re asking the people auctioning to burden the shipping costs, so decide what is right for you.


When it’s ready to go, post your auction online. There are a couple of options – sorry if it appears complicated, but it’s not (we hope):

  • Option 1: if you’re a business, then you can post on your business’ Facebook/Instagram profile or community space. Tag it with #DrinkersForUkraine and let us know it’s happening, and we can share it with the campaign Facebook group.
  • Option 2: Option 2: If you’re an individual or a group, you can post to your own account on your preferred platform, tag it with #DrinkersForUkraine, and we will make the Facebook group is alerted to it – but be warned, Facebook can be hyper vigilant when it comes to alcohol, so this may be difficult.

Be sure as well to tell us your auction is live in all 2 options, and we will add it to a rolloing overview of auctions happening acros the different platforms.


Bids are placed in the comments below the post. The highest bid when the auction ends is the winner.

Select the winning bid, and contact the winner. They will then make their donation to the Red Cross (accessible here). You must request proof of this donation (confirmation email/receipt/bank statement, etc.), and once you have received it you can release the auction item. For shipping, we’re asking you to cover the cost of shipping, or to share the costs with the winner.


About Us

The #DrinkersForUkraine campaign is an initiative of enthusiasts and professionals in the beer industry including Lana Svitankova, a writer, translator, educator and Ukraine’s first ever certified Cicerone, as well as Richard Croasdale, Robyn Gilmour and the team at Ferment magazine, and Eoghan Walsh.

Have questions? Email us.